Healthworks Practitioner: Fiona McIntyre (MSc, CWC)

Mob: 07747 010620
E-mail: fnmcntyr@gmail.com
Web: www.moraymedicalherbalist.co.uk





Herbal Medicine has been used for a very long time. Archaeological evidence suggests Neanderthal man was using plants for healing 6000 years ago. Even today plants are the only source of medicine for many people in many parts of the world. Herbalism is a modern, but gentle and natural approach to maintaining and improving good health

The Herbalist

Fiona McIntyre graduated from Edinburgh Napier University in 2010 with an honours degree in Herbal Medicine. She is a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH) www.nimh.org.uk.

Fiona’s background is in wildlife conservation and environmental management, where she worked in various roles for twenty years. It was through this that Fiona developed an interest in the uses of plants and in particular their medicinal uses. Together with a growing desire to help people, this was Fiona’s motivation to study and practice Herbal Medicine.

Although with her background she is particularly interested in the medicinal properties of British native plants, Fiona uses the most appropriate herbs for the patient. These can include herbs from other parts of the world e.g. Echinacea from North America, Withania from Asia.

The Consultation

Herbalists take into consideration the whole person, not just the condition or a set of symptoms. The initial consultation will take between one to one and half hours. As well as discussing the condition or symptoms that you would like addressed a full medical history will be taken. You will also be asked about your diet and lifestyle.

Although many of the questions asked may seem irrelevant to your current condition it is important that the herbalist has a full picture of your health history. This enables her to decide the most appropriate herbs for you. An individually tailored combination of herbs will be prescribed to help restore and maintain balance and health. Nutritional and lifestyle advice is often part of the holistic approach of the herbalist.

For further information or to make an appointment, please contact Fiona as above.