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What is BodyTalk?

BodyTalk is a relatively new system within the emerging consciousness medicine, drawing on some of the oldest health care traditions as well as current research in the fields of physics and biology. In the BodyTalk system, health is addressed as a finely balanced communication flow of all aspects of the body and mind. Wherever connections are interrupted, be it through injury, trauma or stress, imbalances and symptoms may develop. BodyTalk identifies where the flow of health is compromised and then encourages for connections to be restored, so that the body can rebalance and its self-healing properties be activated.

What happens in a session?

With the help of neuromuscular feedback using the hand or arm, the practitioner will determine which areas of the body, emotions or mind are a priority for balancing. Gentle tapping on the head and sternum is then used to initiate the balancing and trigger the body's self-healing processes.

Some shifts can be noticed straight away, others might only become apparent over a few days. If possible, it is a good idea to reserve some integration time directly after the session. Most balancing is complete within 24 hours.

Usually sessions last around one hour, but can be longer or shorter depending on the needs of the clients' system for the session.

Also depending on the needs of the client, a session can be very quiet or include talking about what the client wishes to bring to the session or experiences during the session.
The session is usually done lying down, as most people enjoy to relax that way, but a sitting position is also possible.

Who can benefit?

Because a BodyTalk session is entirely tailored to the client's needs, BodyTalk is suitable for all ages and conditions.

Children are accompanied by one of their parents who might act as surrogate if it is not appropriate to perform testing and tapping directly with the child. It is recommended that at least one parent has an individual session before bringing the child.

Also animals enjoy BodyTalk. In an AnimalTalk session, the owner of the animal will typically take the role of surrogate for the testing, but even if there is no direct physical contact, the animal usually takes a keen interest in the session.

Further Reading

John Veltheim: The BodyTalk System. PaRama 1999
Gill Edwards: Conscious Medicine. Piatkus 2010
More information can also be found on

Healthworks Practitioner: Katharina Kroeber

Katharina trained with the International BodyTalk Association and graduated as a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner in April 2011. She is committed to ongoing further training in advanced BodyTalk and keeps in touch the newest research within the BodyTalk system.

Katharina's BodyTalk practice also benefits from her studies of Process Oriented Psychology in Portland, Oregon.

Professional Organisations

IBA (International BodyTalk Association),
Europe office: Am Anger 4B, 87487 Wiggensbach, Germany

BTNUK (BodyTalk Network UK), see

For further information or to make an appointment, please contact Katharina as above.

Practice times are mostly Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, but weekend appointments and home visits can be arranged. Appointments for animals will always be home visits.